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Engraving Machine Video


Heavy stone engraving machine, professional tombstone carving, marble, granite and so on, can also woodworking, advertising, and other relief, bed belongs to heavy lathe bed, good stability, speed, torque force big.

Light stone engraving machine is mainly small stone carving, such as Taishan shigandang, small markers, small stone crafts, heavy stone engraving machine:

1, the use of imported linear guide rail, double four slider, loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long service life, the knife accurate.

2, the machine adopts steel seamless welding, rigid and no deformation, the work surface backing plate, the rigid strength good, machine bearing up to a ton of above.

3, constant power spindle motor, cutting intensity, high efficiency

4, software compatibility is good, can be compatible with a variety of CAD/CAM, such as Typ3/Artcam/Castmate/ design software

5, two-way tool cooling system, effectively improve the tool life